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Carl Friesen
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We are a virtual agency that supports business professionals who want to be recognized for their expertise, through helping them publish their ideas. We do this by first helping our clients determine what they want to be known for, and which markets are most important to their future. We then help them develop content that shows their expertise, and then find ways to get that content into specialized media that are read by people in their intended market. For our clients who prefer to build their own skills in developing their professional profile, we offer learning resources through the Global Reach website.

As Principal of the company, I work with a team of other independent professionals, each with their own area of skill and expertise. To do this work, I use my journalism background to help me dig for “the story” and convey it effectively, an MBA in marketing, and close to 20 years of helping business professionals convey their ideas.

Carl’s specialized skills:

  • Developing content that demonstrates a business professional’s expertise, without coming across like a sales pitch
  • Working with editors of specialized print and online media to publish content
  • Developing social media leverage for published articles
  • Producing video and audio content that helps convey expertise

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