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Need help finding the right words?

It has never been more important to tell your stories. To be competitive in business or in the not-for-profit community, you have to give your audience rich, relevant, remarkable information. Regularly. (See what I did there?) Your prospects, customers, supporters, and partners are making decisions based on your expertise, reputation, and ability to meet their needs. You must connect with them through your marketing materials, web copy, case studies, blog posts, and news releases.

What’s your gift? Technical expertise? Business development? Passion for a charitable cause? Here’s mine: communicating clear messages that inspire people to do something.

Count on me to write in a voice and style that suits you and your reader. I consider the strategy before the tactic, use everyday language, deliver quality work, and spread around some cheery enthusiasm while I’m at it.

Stop staring at that blank screen or worrying about the communications projects you never get around to starting. I can help.

I’ll make you sound as good as you are. Let’s talk!

Karen Majerly is an accomplished communications specialist with 20 years of experience in the profession. She is principal of Communications at Work, a company she launched in 2004 after holding a position as Corporate Communications and Media Specialist at GO Transit.

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