Standards of Conduct

Our Professional Standards

Communicators Connection members are committed to provide high-quality, relevant and timely services, and agree to abide by the following professional standards of conduct:

  • Uphold the credibility and dignity of their professions by practicing legal, honest and ethical communications

  • Complete all contracts in a professional and timely manner

  • Ensure that they possess the required knowledge, skills and training to provide high-quality service

  • Maintain an objective and independent manner

  • Respect the confidential and proprietary nature of the client’s information, including that of their partners and customers

  • Identify immediately issues that may be deemed a conflict of interest

  • Conduct themselves in a manner that ensures the integrity of their own businesses as well as that of the association

  • Deal with other association members in a fair and equitable manner

Through an ongoing program of education and promotion, Communicators Connection fosters compliance among its members and encourages communications regarding its professional standards of conduct.

The Communicators Connection Professional Standards of Conduct is published on the association web site and disseminated in new member and membership renewal packages. New and renewing members acknowledge the following statement as part of their application:

I have reviewed, understand and abide by the Communicators Connection Professional Standards of Conduct.

Professional standards and ethics are discussed periodically at our member meetings.

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